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Line Array PA

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Line Array PA

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The L-Acoustics KIVA System establishes a new reference in line source array technology.

Utilising the unrivalled characteristics of L-Acoustics Wavefront Sculpture Technology®, The L-Acoustics line array PA delivers even coverage of extremely large acoustic environments with clarity, precision and a unique near field proximity effect.

Our line array PA is powered by the LA8 amplified controller in place of the normally specified LA4 to give even greater headroom. LA8 features a 2x4 DSP engine driving four channels of up to 1800W each.

Acoustic modeling, real-time control, visual monitoring, fault detection and an exclusive EQ optimization tool are provided via PC software integrated to preset parameters on the controller.

The compact, light weight frame and virtually invisible captive rigging system provide a truly superb sound platform for any production.

All backed up by skilled, experienced sound engineers and rigging resources.